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Corporate Workshops

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Corporate Workshops

Fun fact: We first trained business professionals during accounting software implementations and client software user group meetings. Over the years, we perfected our craft training professionals across the US. Current and emerging business leaders have benefited from our process. We firmly believe in professional development. Employees are an organization’s #1 asset.

Your team deserves professional development from experienced business professionals. Our extensive background with decades of business experience enhances your team, your business. We have a unique view given the breadth and depth of our experience.

Our team knows business. We know technology, financial reporting, financial forecasting, accounting, budget, and business operations to name a few. CONTACT US to learn how, and more importantly, “why.”



Corporate training begets organizational excellence and success. Two-thirds of employees are disengaged. Training shows that you have a vested interest in their careers and future. Bring them into the one-third. Get them engaged. Your team is the engine behind what you do. Help them increase their knowledge through professional development. The ROI is increased motivation and productivity boosts.


Enhanced Corporate Culture

Successful businesses are vertically aligned. Ask us about the strategy pyramid. Your individual team performance should align with your organization-wide goals and values. The latter should align with your business strategy and vision. Enhance your culture. Show interest in developing your employees. Lifelong learning is real. Show your teams they matter by offering a robust professional development package.


Increased Efficiency

We are good at what we do. Our professional training meets the needs of our clients. We see an increase in efficiencies and productivity. The long-term ROI is increased profitability.


Increased Motivation

Did we mention that two-thirds of employees are disengaged? Let’s inspire and motivate them! Great leaders inspire. Professional development enhances teams. Professional development serves as a catalyst and motivator. When employees understand the “why” behind what they do, vertical alignment and agreement exists. An enhanced culture supportive of growth sees benefits and long-term ROI.


Decreased Turnover

According to Gallup, replacing employees is expensive. To the tune of at least one-half of an employee’s annual salary. There is an unprecedented shift in the workforce given 10,000 professionals retiring every day. Retain your employees. Develop your employees. Keep them engaged!


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson



Workshops provide a platform for cross-functional leadership and department development. We can customize business topics to your needs.

Just let us know how we can help!