Leadership Concepts – 1 Hour



This session introduces leadership and management. Effective leaders build credibility and trust through action. It is critical as leaders to conduct oneself with integrity and ethics. Leadership exists in many forms. A leader can have positional authority. However, positional authority does not necessarily equate to leadership. Leadership transcends position. One must know when to lead and when to follow. A direct report or team member can and will weave in and out of lead and follow modes.






Leadership versus Management

Quite often used interchangeably, leadership and management are two different concepts that can overlap. Join us to learn how and why one can and should lead irrespective of title or position. We cover some of the key qualities that make a great leader. We also discuss when it is appropriate to follow and when one should lead.

Leadership Styles and Qualities

Leadership requires trust, building relationships, and empowering members to own the process and desired outcomes. Great leaders create synergy and foster engagement while harnessing the energy and talents of members. They know how to lead meetings effectively and efficiently while maintaining a good balance of process and desired outcomes. Committing to the growth of people, they learn how to establish direction, align people, and motivate and inspire.

Leadership Credibility

Integrity. Ethics. Trust. We cover the most important leadership concepts. Professional relationships do not exist without these elements. With them, you inspire business success, loyalty and commitment, higher levels of performance, and positive climate and culture.


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