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Management Consulting

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Management Consulting

We can provide tips on management best practices. From our experiences including CFO, executive committees of nonprofit organizations, and president of Financial Executives International-Fort Wayne Chapter, we are happy to share lessons learned and sound management practice. We want to help your organization improve. Our team can provide the external lens and advice.


Best Practices and Professional Connections

Given our experience and exposure and relationships with many organizations, we are aware of “best practices.” You have a successful business to run. Day-to-day operations to manage. We can make help with recommendations.

We can offer suggestions on change-management, development of coaching skills, processes, policies and procedures, strategy development, operational improvement, and share tips on technology. We can even fill you in on the overlaps and differences of leadership and management.

We want to serve as your basis for recommendations with a view to more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.