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Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership exists in many forms. A leader can have positional authority. However, positional authority does not necessarily equate to leadership. Leadership transcends position. One must know when to lead and when to follow. A direct report or team member can and will weave in and out of lead and follow modes.


Great Leaders Build Collaborative Teams

Great leaders know how to build collaborative teams. Leadership necessitates trust, building relationships, and empowering members to own the process and desired outcomes. Great leaders create synergy and foster engagement while harnessing the energy and talents of members. They know how to lead meetings effectively and efficiently while maintaining a good balance of process and desired outcomes.


Great Leaders Communicate

Great leaders recognize behavior and preferred communication patterns. They also ethically support their team. This necessitates responsibility and mutual respect. They commit to the growth of people. They learn how to establish direction, align people, and motivate and inspire.


Great Leaders Invest in People

Great leaders invest in their organization’s most important asset: People. Successful organizations improve results through talent management. Great leaders serve as coaches and mentors. They show a vested interest in and develop direct reports (i.e., one-on-one sessions).