Frequently, I am asked about my experiences as colleagues explore their own paths. Just this past week, I met with an individual considering two avenues: (1) Business and (2) university. They generally ask which one that I prefer. I smile and respond, “Both!” As business faculty, I enjoy opportunities to serve on boards and to maintain a book of clients. In business whether as a professional service provider engaging with clients or working internally with customers/clients at one organization, I facilitate adjunct.

Regardless of the role, I continue to have two common denominators: (1) Business and (2) professional membership associations.

Recently, I attended development sessions through professional membership associations that I currently support including Financial Executives International and Indiana CPA Society in addition to engaging with Northeast Indiana HR Association. The connections made from around the country and in our region are priceless. If you are a member of an association and have yet to engage, I strongly encourage you to get involved. We can leverage your talents. From a lens of long-term continuity, many associations are looking at and filling their pipeline of emerging leaders. You benefit from increasing experiences and opportunities. From high-performance leadership, operations, knowledge management, emotional intelligence, leadership versus management, emerging technologies, innovation, critical thinking, soft and technical skills, coaching, employee engagement, etc., the opportunities to grow seem endless. You learn a LOT! Your career accelerates exponentially. Come join us! We can use your help.